I believe that placing a focus on the arts, humanities, and the sharing of personal history and culture is a starting point for productive and positive engagement with our communities and immediate environment.

I have built my career as a creative entrepreneur exploring community art, community organizing, conflict resolution, making and exhibiting artwork, non-profit program development and arts education. I am drawn to the synergy and overlapping goals within these fields, and have focused directly on creating spaces and venues for individuals to share their perspectives and personal stories. I am most intrigued in how developing opportunities for listening and sharing encourages not only self-awareness but also civic and civil engagement.

My work explores how creative methodologies can be used to problem-solve within communities while stimulating understanding among communities of diverse cultural, racial, generational, class, and political backgrounds. The programs and projects I develop and work on explore the correlation between individuals’ appreciation and understanding of our own backgrounds, and their level of connection to our wider community in which we live.

Beth Barbush

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