I have been making photographs, it seems, since I was a small child. Capturing an image has been my most used tool for self-expression and the go to tool for archiving events, emotions, and the stories in my own life and of those around me. At age 13 I started creating and contemplating images intentionally and like most young photographers, was enthralled by subjects that held history, mystery or beauty. It was in my junior year of college when I realized the power that lived in the act of editing the story framed in images. It took years of teaching photography and exhibiting to learn about the even greater power of sharing, contemplating, and discussing created images.

I have always been drawn to things and people who are different from me. I feel that the most important learning I have done, has come directly from recognizing and acknowledging those differences. I have used photography as a tool as well as an expressive way to frame these observations and collected stories.

Below is a list of select bodies of work:

Hearts for Honduras, La Entrada, Honduras 2012

Photoji Project, North East, Japan 2010

East Side Stories, Baltimore MD 2009

Speaking of Silence, and Addressing Silence 2008, 2009

Travel Documentary 2004 – 2007

Personal work 2000 – 2004


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