Middle East Baltimore

Middle East Baltimore: Baltimore, MD 2008 – 2009

Middle East Baltimore Stories: Images and Words from a Displaced Community: is an audio-visual project on the displacement of an entire Baltimore City neighborhood threatened by eminent domain.

I spent nearly a year helping to frame and highlight the stories from residents of this inner city neighborhood in East Baltimore. For this project, I recorded hours of personal stories, transcribed interviews, and made photographs of the interviewees and their community. The interviews reflect a story untold before from the residents’ perspective. Their stories express feelings of loss and anger along side pride and a strong resilience in the face of their changing and disappearing community.

This project resulted in an audio-visual double CD book and a museum photography and audio exhibition. Below are a few tracks from Disc One

The Neighborhood Part I: Verona Blackston

The Neighborhood Part II: Bishop Jesse Alston, Verona Blakston, Diana Boardley, Johnny Coleman, Pator Frances “Toni” Draper, Charlotte Johnson, Father Peter Lyonds, Betty Robinson, Helen Rose, Rosa Street, Pat Tracey

The Neighborhood Part III: Bishop Jesse Alston


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