Current Projects


Readings: Between the Lines: is a writing project and engagement between artists, writers, seekers, and all individuals who are open to interpreting their own intuitive and creative energies within.

Readings: Between the Lines is collaboration between the writer and the subconscious minds of her readers. It is a practice of sharing and presenting our intuitive nature and knowing. In this exchange, readers who seek guidance, advice, validation or inspiration in their own lives are instructed to request a reading.

The reading will emerge in the form of a piece of writing that may take the shape of a short story, a poem, prose ,an allegorical fable or direct guidance. The writing may also reflect back the reader’s own perspective of themselves or it may take on the perspective of a long lost friend, guide, or a loved one who has passed on. In this exchange the writer opens to and offers their creative flow and the reader opens their subconscious and offers their full receptivity for a message to be created in written form.

The greatest benefit of this exchange is the interpretation of both the reader and the writer of the collaborative piece. Each person takes away their own perspective, understanding, and purpose of the piece. There also may be a literal and/or metaphorical message that speaks directly to the reader for their current life. The purpose of the writing is not to define the meaning but to resonate with the feeling that it brings to the reader and the energy that it awakens in each reader of each piece upon receiving.

Take a chance and dive into the pool of possibility. Make a request for a reading and then decide yourself what to take and what to leave behind. It is up to you to find the meaning you yourself are seeking by reading between the lines.


Living Chapters: is an exploration in trust writing, sharing and self development

What would happen if you invited 12 of your most trusted friends to write your life story for the next 12 months of your life?

Living Chapters used my life to explore that very question in a year long project focusing on letting go of control, pushing boundaries, testing comfort zones, and trusting in the fact that if we take on change and challenge we will be better and happier people for doing so.  It’s a project about taking risks, seeking personal growth, and saying yes to what life throws at you.

Through this project I took on new challenges, instigated change and became more open to  by following guidelines, suggestions and ideas that emerged within each new chapter.  Looking at life as an open book, the participants in Living Chapters and I created a personal yet collaborative experience to examine how we choose to navigate through our daily lives, as we make decisions, deal with discomfort, and address conflict.

Living Chapters is an experiment in trying out alternate life styles and choices in a quest for finding new ways of becoming a better person for myself and to others.

Read the Prologue here.

Read the Chapters here


Defying Definitions: Maryland Humanities Council Program – Community engagement, Online Platform, and Public Dialogue


Defying Definitions is a Maryland Humanities Council program in partnership with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. It is the third project from the Practicing Democracy program.

Defying Definitions is an interactive program that explores identity, stereotypes and diversity challenging participants to explore how they perceive others, how they are perceived by others and what they understand about themselves. The project utilizes the humanities (film, literature, photography, poetry, etc) to bring people together for dialogue online and in community settings, with the goals of breaking down stereotypes, reducing conflict, and modeling civil and meaningful discussion.


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