US Teaching

Baltimore Public School System 2003 – 2006  

After my year developing my own version of “literacy through photography” curriculum during my AmeriCorps service, I took the program back to Baltimore City Schools. Through a variety of afterschool programs, I was able to teach at six different public schools over three years adapting my curriculum to elementary, middle and high school students. Students in these programs learned basic photography and self-expression skills. They made photographs of their families, homes, schools, and neighborhoods then brought them together with writing and drawings expressing their viewpoints on life in Baltimore City.

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St. Georges, Newport Rhode Island 2004 – 2007

St. Georges School is a private boarding school in Newport Rhode Island. I worked in their international summer program teaching high school youth from around the US and the world. There I primarily taught darkroom photography, led extra curricular programs and served as a dormitory parent and mentor.


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