Hauntingdon Halloween: Baltimore, MD 2007 – 2010

In the fall of 2007, members of the Greater Remington Improvement Association and Remington community residents created the, now annual, Hauntingdon Avenue Halloween street festival in the Remington neighborhood. I served as creative artistic director and lead organizer for its first three seasons. Hauntingdon Ave was created out of a desire to offer a safe and entertaining destination for children and families in the neighborhood to enjoy. This festival transforms the city street Huntingdon Ave each year into an artistic lively and interactive space for neighbors to get to know each other and celebrate the holiday. Each row house porch front that lines the street offers a different game, activity or treat, while the street fills up with music, puppet parades, hoola hoops, and spooky fun.

By its third season, Hauntingdon Avenue drew a crowd of 400 people from neighboring Baltimore City neighborhoods and surrounding counties. Nearly 100 residents volunteered their time, donated supplies, and worked together to make this event a success. The event continues to be successful and independently run by dedicated volunteers and residents in the community.


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