Stories are at the core of all the work that I do.

I have had the incredible opportunity to interview and record hundreds of amazing people from the most diverse backgrounds. Everyone from a 90-year-old storyteller in northeast Japan to a 4 year-old budding poet from Baltimore City.

Through the exploration and expression of ones own beliefs, values, and personal history, we not only learn to develop and better ourselves as individuals, but we also come to a greater understanding of how we fit into the world around us.

I use storytelling and self-expression as a means to stimulate civic and civil engagement by developing roles for storytellers to play in shaping their own immediate environments. I also believe in the importance of simply capturing and collecting audio recordings of individual voices. Spending the time to archive personal histories in the traditional way through listening is a lost art that I strive to hold on to through my work.

Below is a list of projects in which the interview and recorded audio story played a central role:

Let’s Be Shore: Eastern Shore of Maryland

Hearts For Honduras, La Entrada, Honduras

Treestories, Alleghany and Garrett Counties, MD

Remington Youth Community Radio, Baltimore MD

Middle East Baltimore: Baltimore, MD

Speaking of Silence: Baltimore, MD


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