Change or impact on the built or natural world starts on an individual level. It must be born from a personal interest in order to be effective or sustainable.

I believe the key to solving problems in both, urban and rural communities is civic engagement. Problems including social justice, community conflicts, education, and environmental issues can be addressed with the attention of one person at a time.

Everyone has it within their ability to make a difference in their community. Volunteering my time and energy not only helped to make differences in the places where I lived but also taught me great skills for my career and helped me build an incredible network of friends, neighbors and colleagues.

I have chosen to emphasize community and cultural sustainability in both my volunteer work and paid work. It is as important to build relationships between individuals and their environments, as it is to build community identity and strengthen relationships between communities. Resilient relationships are fundamental for the ability to obtain sustainable progress.

The following projects are examples of my volunteer work:

Greater Remington Improvement Association

Porch Art

Remington Youth Community Radio

Hauntingdon Ave

AmeriCorps VISTA


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