I have held two pivotal positions at non-profit organizations using the arts and humanities to bring people together around critical community issues. In my roles as Program Director and Program Manager, I have had the opportunity to self direct and create programs from the ground up. I interviewed, taught, and created venues and events for both individuals and groups to voice beliefs, values, and perspectives through art making, story sharing, writing, and public discussions.

Through these programs, a sense of place, self, culture and connection to environment and community are encouraged, developed, and strengthened. From Baltimore City residents struggling to keep their homes and neighborhood history, to lifelong watermen recording their disappearing culture and livelihood, each participant takes steps closer to understanding where he or she comes from and to what they care most about in terms of preservation and conservation. The programs I create strive to effect change and inspire reflection on a personal level as well as a larger community level.

Below are the non-profits and Community Associations that I created programs for:

The Maryland Humanities Council

Art on Purpose




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