Remington Youth Community Radio

Remington Youth Community Radio: Baltimore, MD 2008 – 2011

Remington Youth Community Radio (RYCR) is a youth development, community building, and engagement program. It taught young people ages 9 – 17 to create, collect, and edit audio/visual stories about their community. This program was started and supported in its first years through my work at Art on Purpose. I continued to volunteer and oversee the program for a year after changing professional positions.

Working directly with the kids in my neighborhood I taught them how to document their community through interviewing, recording, and photographing their neighbors and their surroundings. Participants created short radio pieces that were presented on a short wave home-made radio signal, CD’s and a cell phone audio tour that led listeners through the neighborhood.

This program focused in the Baltimore neighborhood, in which I lived and highlighted voices from lifelong residents, new residents, business owners, immigrants and the youth themselves. Creating and listening to this stories led the youth and their neighbors to a new understanding of the people they lived with and among as well as helped to create and build upon community relationships.

Learn more about the beginning of this project here.


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